Passing on skills
Caregivers are given inspirational teacher training in Orange Farm
Doctor consults mother
Hospital in South Sudan celebrates zero maternal deaths thanks to dedicated ForAfrika staff
When Agele applied skills he had learnt in a farming group, his family's fortunes turned around
Sesame field
Simple solutions offer life-saving impact in CAR
School latrines
A borehole and new toilets in the heart of the community mean people feel much safer too
Bricklaying ceremony
In Rwanda’s Kamonyi district, the first few bricks have been laid for a new pre-school centre
Life-saving drink: Therapeutic milk and food saves lives Many children have been saved from death thanks to therapeutic supplements Kenia Diva Luciana Retrato, who has been a nursing technician for about 13 years, says that the nutritional supplements they receive from ForAfrika have ‘changed paradigms’ for children in Angola and given them a future. “Many
savings group
Upskilling: Starting a small business also helps others Lenatha was able to start her own tailoring business, thanks to communal action Alemshet Teshale Lenatha Mukagasigwa lost both parents when she was quite young. She didn’t know what to do and would wander from house to house in her village in Rwanda looking for small jobs.
school gardens
Harvest time: Children at Longamere Primary celebrate their bumper sorghum crop There are other benefits too, since agriculture is a compulsory subject in Ugandan schools Connie Akware Education is the ultimate tool of empowerment for refugees living in Uganda. A safe place to learn helps children envision a new future as well as recover from
food security
Top tomato: Community gardens are a source of good nutrition A community in Upington creates their first communal vegetable garden and is already envisaging the results Leizl Eykelhof A community in the Khoi-San Valley of Upington has established its own communal garden in the sweltering heat and has improved their chance at food security. They