Jose, 100-year-old chief, at the community borehole in Angola
An elderly chief in Angola takes care of his village in gratitude for the borehole that ForAfrika installed a few years ago
Hedida Omer lost her two children
A year after the conflict in Sudan broke out, people are still struggling to survive in their new ‘home’
Tomato harvesting business
Youth group's off-season vegetable production business in Uganda proves profitable
Theatre group in Mozambique teaches hygiene
Hygiene officers have come up with a unique way of demonstrating the importance of clean water in Mozambique
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After an operation healed her cleft lip, a young girl from Angola is making friends and enjoying life
Savings group restores confidence
Simple savings group gives Joyce confidence in Uganda after having to flee from South Sudan
Artisans create cement latrine blocks that are safer for the community
Children give their display of thanks
Recently, two pre-schools in South Africa were given special treatment, ensuring that young children have a safe, clean space in which to learn and grow
Drought in Angola
Many people in Angola are suffering after a drought has decimated their farming endeavours
Energy-saving stoves
Energy-efficient stoves in South Sudan save time and firewood