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Antonio recovers from malnutrition
Antonio recovers from malnutrition
adam walked 8km in waist-high waters to deliver medicine

Adam always goes the extra mile

Adam walked 8km in waist-high waters to deliver medicine
Road safety: People can now move during floods thanks to the dyke road Flooding in South Sudan disrupts lives and livelihoods every year; the dyke road will ensure people can move around in the rainy season Andrew Ewoku Marialdit village is a swampy area located in the Alek South payam (district) of Gogrial County in
Happy place: Ramula Tiko and her friends in their new stalls Since their stalls at the market were renovated by ForAfrika, two women have increased their income Connie Akware Ramula Tiko and Chandiru Faima are friends who both work as vendors at Ndirindiri market in the Palorinya refugee settlement in Uganda. Rumala, 58, is a
Free: Fiona (in red) and her friends feel comfortable with their new ablution area Before ForAfrika’s intervention, toddlers were afraid to use the public toilet alone Tara Dixon Our programme team in Rwanda is dedicated to creating clean and child-friendly environments for education. For this reason, we recently completed the construction of new latrines for pupils
A school meal keeps children in class
Energy boost: A school meal allows children to concentrate and enjoy learning Before the school feeding programme, Manito had to spend his days fishing and foraging for food  Nordino Vicente Manito Joaquim is 15 years old, but is only in Grade 5 at Chigamane Primary School. His parents died when he was five and he
Green joy: Maria is thrilled by her harvest An emergency resilience programme has given people hope for the future  Kenia Diva The community of Endongo in Ganda municipality, Angola, was overjoyed when they were able to harvest vegetables from their garden, after suffering for months in the ongoing drought that has parts of the country
Children receive magic desks on Nelson Mandela Day
Farmer receive tools
Tools of the trade: Farmers received much-needed implements Subsistence farmers in Sibut also received training on pest control in order to preserve their precious sorghum crops Michael Gandombi The farmers of Sibut received a wonderful surprise recently when ForAfrika delivered essential tools for their farming activities. Our resident veterinary technician, Tatiana Bako, also received a
Women's savings group
It all adds up: Any extra money goes into the communal pot and is shared at the end of the year Village savings groups change the lives of small-scale farmers Leizl Eykelhof The Munavalate Saving Group in Pambarra is very proud of its progress. Last year, they managed to save almost $5,000 raised from their
Floods in Western Cape
Relief: Recipients are handed boxes that will last them two weeks Four cold fronts in a week led to heavy rainfall and floods with thousands having to flee their homes. ForAfrika was prepared. Leizl Eykelhof Early preparation was key to the swift action by ForAfrika and partners in the Western Cape who have come to
Neonatal unit
Good place to be born: The new neonatal unit has been refitted with essential equipment A collaboration of partners ensures newborn babies and their mothers receive the care they deserve Kenia Diva Thanks to a long-standing partnership with Saving Moses and ForAfrika – and a generous anonymous donor – the neonatal ward at the Lobito
South Sudan resilience project
Proof in the eating: Achan bakes long bread rolls in her new oven A participant of a resilience programme, she has learnt new skills and applied them Andrew Ewoku Achan Monica Deng is a 36-year-old mother of six who lives with her husband and four of her children in Titchok Boma, of Twic county, in
World Play Day in Khayalitsha
ForAfrika’s Western Cape team joined a fun-filled event celebrating a child’s right to fun on World Play Day
Godfather James assists refugees in Uganda
Helpful host: “Godfather James” has allowed refugee farmers to use his land to plant trees   ForAfrika believes in climate-smart agriculture; planting particular trees is part of the mix Connie Akware A tree-planting project launched with the host community in Imvepi refugee camp in Uganda will bear large benefits – and fruit – in a few
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Atian shows off her giant cassavas
The drought-resistant ‘miracle crop’ of cassava is versatile and can be grown throughout the year in South Sudan
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Lives transformed through agriculture in Rwanda
ForAfrika's agricultural project, teaching upcoming farmers new techniques, has had a huge impact in Rwanda
Before receiving ForAfrika’s agricultural training, Tomás Sitoe was struggling to make ends meet
Thriving: Tomás sifts through seeds in front of the new house he is building  Before receiving ForAfrika’s agricultural training, Tomás was struggling to make ends meet Nordino Vicente Tomás Sitoe has always been a farmer in Pambarra, a village in Mozambique. But, despite owning some land, he battled to grow enough food to feed his
Angelia serves the community in Angola
In the community of Issombo, a grandmother takes it upon herself to care for the children and communal assets
Rwanda floods
Flash floods in Rwanda caused devastating landslides. Many have lost homes and livelihoods. ForAfrika was on the scene to distribute household essentials
Harvest time: Growing vegetables is a source of food and income for refugees in Uganda Before he had to flee the war in South Sudan in 2017, John Taban was able to provide for his wife and their seven children. As refugees, they had to depend on food rations distributed once a month. “The food
Patience: Women and babies receive treatment at a nutrition centre   Years of conflict and recurrent flooding in South Sudan have severely impacted people’s health and nutrition. In the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, health facilities are most often not equipped to deal with the increasing prevalence of malnutrition among vulnerable children. ForAfrika has been running
Handover: A villager in Mabote receives some household essentials When Cyclone Freddy hit the province of Inhambane in late February, the district of Mabote was essentially cut off from the rest of the province as roads were either washed away or blocked by fallen trees. Our teams had to turn back after 12 hours on
Expertise: Tatiana Bako has had a real impact on farming communities in the Central African Republic Maleyolo Moussa Ruben is a livestock farmer in Sibut Town, the capital of the Central African Republic’s Kémo Prefecture. Maleyolo has been elected to represent the 40 farmer associations ForAfrika helps in the region through veterinary support. In 2022,
Fruitful exercise: Bernada Vasole and some of her pupils outside the school garden Bernarda Vasole is a sixth-grade Natural Sciences teacher at Canjola School in Ganda. This year, however, she became a pupil again when she attended ForAfrika’s agricultural training in the school’s vegetable garden. Along with 29 other community members and schoolchildren, she participated
ForAfrika delivers new furniture to upgraded school
ForAfrika staff and volunteers drop off new furniture at a preschool
ForAfrika delivers live-saving assistance to families affected by Cyclone Freddy
Determination to assist the most vulnerable affected by Cyclone Freddy ensures food and other essentials reach 4,000 in the Mabote district and further afield
ForAfrika drills borehole for hospital in South Sudan
ForAfrika drills borehole for hospital in South Sudan
A child washes his hands at school
Hand-washing is the most cost-effective way of preventing disease
Boreholes in Anogola
Calf to water: Manuel Sapalo leads his calf to the community borehole for a drink As rainfall dwindles, the community is increasingly aware that they need to protect their water source By Kenia Diva Manuel Sapalo takes it upon himself to give strict instructions to the children collecting water from the communal borehole. “They need
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Cyclone Freddy
En route: ForAfrika staff battle to clear the bush and fallen trees on access roads to Mabote The severe tropical storm washed away access roads and knocked over trees, leaving villages stranded When Cyclone Freddy made landfall in Mozambique last week, villages in the Mabote district of Inhambane province, were left stranded as parts of
Malnutrition in Africa
Mother’s love: Maria cuddles her son while he waits for treatment at the malnutrition clinic When patients leave, their families fear the worst. Providing meals in Angola is a difficult task as drought and unemployment persist By Kenia Diva Mothers often reach malnutrition clinics in Angola too late. There are long distances to travel, little
Restored boreholes
Life line: Restored boreholes have brought relief to communities in Uganda In 2022, images on social media of elderly people starving in Karamoja led to a swift humanitarian response By Connie Akware Restored boreholes in Karamoja has brought hope to the “forgotten corner” of north-east of Uganda. The semi-arid region is characterised by drought, poor
ForAfrika’s unique emergency response in the Central African Republic treats the cause of food insecurity
Farming grandmother feeds 300

Farming grandmother feeds 300 daily

In the Free State, a farming project in partnership with Woolworths, has improved the yield of produce for communities
A decent toilet restores dignity in Mozambique
Dignity restored: Cosme Chepo can rest assured that he has his own toilet ForAfrika builds toilets in resettlement camps, not forgetting those with special needs By Arcénio Macuende Cosme Manuel Chepo, 21, has to walk on all fours; he even wears flip flops on his hands for comfort. His legs got stuck when his mother,
savings associations in Rwanda
ForAfrika's smallest programme country punches above its weight when it comes to savings
In leaf: Alvina is happiest when busy in her garden Excited to share what she had learnt at school, the 12-year-old replicated the techniques at home and got her family involved By Arcenio Macuende Alvina Castigo Murrombe is just 12 years old but manages her vegetable garden like a professional. She is often knee-high in
Bone dry: Isak Pretorius, ForAfrika CEO in Angola which is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years. Farming is now a futile pursuit for many. Climate change is a threat multiplier in Africa, the most vulnerable continent to its effects This week, world leaders have congregated in Egypt for the 2022 United Nations Climate Change

Isabel’s new beginning

KZN Flooding update
A box of necessities helps to relieve the suffering, but long-term, sustainable projects are needed in these areas A few months after catastrophic floods hit the coastal regions of the KwaZulu-Natal province, families are still struggling to piece their lives back together. ForAfrika and partners worked together to bring some relief to those worst affected
School feeding in Uganda
In Uganda, where land is given to refugees, school children are being taught some valuable gardening skills School feeding in Uganda looks slightly different from the programme in other ForAfrika countries. Whereas most children in our other programmes are younger and receive a bowl of highly nutritious food each school day, the children in senior
Drought in Angola
Agro-pastoralists are being forced to move further and further away from home in search of food for their livestock Caveiambwa, Makahitapi and Mariko of the Muhimba ethnic group have seen their way of life decimated by the drought currently throttling their homeland in southern Angola. The pastures that they relied on for their cattle shrivelled
Mended boreholes Mozambique
In Cabo Delgado, where violent insurgency has displaced many from their homes, ForAfrika is restoring hope and water with a simple maintenance project. ForAfrika successfully carried out the rehabilitation of boreholes and pumps in various rural villages in Montepuez, Cabo Delgado, recently. The municipal pumps had stopped working due to lack of maintenance and a
Emile Morane balcony
After receiving a second chance in life, successful musician prefers to pay it forward Emile Morane, immaculately dressed, opens the gate to his home in a suburb of Kigali, Rwanda. Behind him are the distinct sounds of a band practising. “Once you are inside here, there are no visitors, only family,” he says with a
World Food Day
This World Food Day finds us with an ongoing pandemic, conflicts, climatic disasters, rising prices and international tensions which all affect global food security. We need to build a sustainable world where everyone, everywhere has regular access to enough nutritious food. “When it starts to get dark, and the hunger increases, I lock myself and
Savings lead to transformation for a refugee family
Rosemary’s careful money management has allowed her to open a shop and dream of bigger things Rosemary Anania, 47, is a refugee from South Sudan living in the Imvepi refugee settlement in Uganda. Rosemary is a member of the Trust Farmers Village Savings and Loan Association, a group supported by ForAfrika. “My children and I
ForAfrika moves into the Central African Republic
In one of the world’s most vulnerable countries, farmers’ associations are a lifeline for many, but they need important resources Based on humanitarian reports published by the United Nations Office for Coordinating Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), ForAfrika became aware of large-scale humanitarian needs in the Central African Republic (CAR) and took the decision to move into
A tale of two Peters

A tale of two Peters

Separated by war and joined together by ‘peace gardens’, these two friends have made a new life for themselves and their families Peter Adumba and Peter Khemis have been friends since their youth in South Sudan. They were both forced to flee when violence flared in their home country and separated them in 2018. But,
South Sudan Floods
Although annual flooding happens each year in South Sudan, in the past few years it has become more severe and reaching places it did not before. Along the roads, outside the town of Aweil in South Sudan, families have erected makeshift homes using branches and plastic sheeting. They were forced to flee to higher ground